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Welcome to our little piece of heaven!

Here’s where peace and tranquility reside—our small farm in rural Minnesota!


Here’s what Glacial Ridge Alpacas can do for you:


·         You will get your own piece of heaven with peace and tranquility just as we did.... let us help you discover the lifestyle!


·         Here’s the potential for a better bottom line and easier beginnings because we have  30 years experience with fiber, yarns and animals. 


·         Your profit potential is better with our better genetics for champions and fleece.


·         Here’s peace of mind with our mentoring program to lower your learning curve & minimize risk.  We are committed to these animals for their lives with you as well.


·         Friendly, loving animals who are gentler, happier and healthier come from management like ours--hand raised, hand fed, hand groomed—not mass produced!


We look forward to your visit!  Please call ahead.
Terry & Sandy Kunath, Hawick, Minnesota 320-276-8536 or

Now Standing at Stud

Panache's Bolero!


Not Just Yarns
Our wonderful fibers are often handspun and made into unique yarn combinations for knitting, crocheting and weaving. Please look at our handmade exclusive designer yarn combinations at

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Alpacas of Minnesota

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we are members of the Upper Midwest Alpacas, AOBA, ARI, GLAA ,  member of the IDEAL Alpaca Community, Minnesota Grown and proud member of Alpacas in The USA  and Small Alpaca Farms of America!

Member of the Ideal Alpaca Community



Alpacas of Minnesota

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Now Standing at Stud

MLA AOGR Monterray

ACCOYO Big Wig of MapleBrook


Our Angora Rabbits! and Angora Mohair Goats!
French angora rabbits and Angora(mohair) goats share
our farm with the alpacas also. Wonderful for 4H kids
or for spinning fiber! And our rare icelandic sheep are
loving wool bearers also!.

Glacial Ridge Trail Minnesota's last glacier.

The Glacial Ridge Trail Scenic Byway travels through lovely, rural countryside and meanders along scenic
lakes that were created by giant glaciers from the Ice Age.

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